What’s in it for You?

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A question I often hear from contractors as John and I travel around the country to various trade shows and industry events is “What’s in it for me?”

Now the context surrounding that question is important to know what best fits as an answer.  If our job is to gather information on new products, tools and more to share on mechanical-hub.com the answer is rather simple and rarely needs to be said out loud.  After all, we have made it our job to report to you the industry professional the daily news from a wide array of sources; we scour our sources for new products constantly to have fresh content that we hope makes your job a little easier.  One of the things that I get most antsy about is finding new tools and sharing them on our website In the hopes that it may help you in your business. As I see it, there’s a lot in it for you.

“The Hub” [mechanical-hub] is constantly changing, but there is more going on in other places.

Bringing fresh content to you daily is no small task but, it’s not the only way we share information. As some have resisted still to this day, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have been a solid footing in which we have built a tremendous following. The conversations and information shared on a daily basis are an extension of this website and for the contractor looking to extend his/her resources for industry information and contacts, we welcome you to join us.

A decent amount of information we share on our site crosses over to our Facebook page, Twitter as well but it is there where conversations are often started.  The platform of a social media page allows for direct interaction with you, our friends, and the interaction of many who would otherwise go unknown to each other.  If you haven’t already, consider checking out the opportunities that await you there.  Take part in a conversation about boiler extended warranties or webinar training opportunities.  Often times there are products shared there that do not even hit our website, take a look!

So, what’s in it for you?

If you’re willing to venture out into the world of social networking the possibilities are truly endless.  Not only do we share a ton of information through tweets and posts on our Facebook page but it is there where you can gain insight on what other contractors are doing/saying/trying on their jobs or in their business.  Tapping into a wealth of information like that can be hard to do through the standard websites you might be frequenting otherwise. You never know, you might learn something new, I know I do every day.

It’s been an amazing ride this last year, to put it simply.  The opportunities that have come our way through our travels and interactions with so many great people that occupy the plumbing, HVAC & hydronic industries have been tremendous.  The friendships and allies we have formed through multiple platforms, including face to face meetings, have made this quite possibly the best job I could ever hope to have.  If you’re looking for more and you haven’t traveled to a tradeshow or visited a social networking site then now is the time to get started.  If you wait you might just miss out on the next opportunity that could change your business forever.

To each of you that are hesitant to get started on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social site, please reach out to me personally if you’d like more info.  I would be excited to walk you through it, answer any questions you might have or give you tips on building a presence for your business in that arena.  For free, too!

Eric Aune,


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