Webinar: flat rate pricing 101: fact or fiction

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PHCC Webinar

Speaker: Michael Bohinc, Keeping Score, Inc.

Wednesday, Nov 19th, 2014
3-4pm ET

In this eye-opening webinar, PHCC member and CPA, Michael Bohinc will separate fact from fiction when it comes to flat rate pricing vs. time & material pricing.
We’ll examine statements like –

·”My customers prefer time & material pricing”
·”Flat rate pricing is a rip-off.”
·”I’ll lose a lot of my business if I switch from time & material to flat rate pricing.”
·”Flat rate pricing is a cure-all for a troubled business.”

You will walk away with a better understanding of flat rate pricing and the factual differences between flat rate and time & material pricing. You’ll learn that there’s a lot more to flat rating than the price alone. This webinar isn’t just for owners and managers. Technicians are encouraged to attend as well!

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