Watts Reverse Osmosis Commercial Water Purification Systems

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WattsWatts Series R12 commercial wall-mounted reverse osmosis water purification systems are designed for the reduction of total dissolved solids at flow rates up to 1,200 gallons per day.

The systems come in three different packages. Package 1 includes a stainless steel frame, automatic inlet valve, 10-inch pre-filter housing & cartridge, a brass procon pump a ½ horsepower (HP) motor, liquid-filled pump pressure gauge and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) pressure vessels, as well as a needle valve for concentrate line and another for recycle line. Package 2 provides pre-filter pressure gauges, a product water flow meter and a reject water flow meter. Package 3 includes an automatic fast reject flush feature.

Watts, a Watts Water Technologies company, designs, manufactures, and sells an extensive line of flow control, water safety, water filtration & treatment, and drainage products for the commercial, residential, and institutional markets. For more information visit Watts.com.

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