Watts Radiant SmartTrac™ Radiant Panel

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Watts Radiant has released its new SmartTrac™ Radiant Panel Solution, a single-panel modular system designed to simplify and speed up radiant heating and cooling installations in subfloor, wall, and ceiling applications.

The SmartTrac one-panel solution eliminates the need for silicone and curing, making it approximately 20% faster to install than competing products. SmartTrac is 80% lighter than thin slabs, eliminating the need for increased joist sizes and double plating.  SmartTrac responds faster than concrete, providing superior comfort levels for building occupants. Using SmartTrac, installers can run longer circuit lengths and use just one panel for the majority of jobs.

“SmartTrac is the next generation of radiant heating panel design. Its superior configuration makes it significantly easier and faster to install than competing products,” said John Sweaney, senior product and customer support manager for Watts Radiant.  “Using SmartTrac, radiant heating system installers will shave significant time off job completion times, an advantage that can translate into lower overall installed costs and increased profits.”

SmartTrac is designed for use with Watts Radiant’s F876 3/8” RadiantPEX+® and RadiantPERT™ tubing with standard 8” spacing, and is compatible with other SDR-9 PEX/PERT tubing. The system works underneath hardwood, tile, stone, laminate, vinyl, and carpet and can be installed on walls or ceilings or over concrete. SmartTrac has two options: A standard panel designed for use on the majority of jobs and an optional utility panel designed for complex configurations.  The new SmartTrac system also offers green/sustainable benefits: 90% of its content is recycled and the product carries the CARB ULEF exemption.


 About Watts Radiant

Watts Radiant, a Watts Water Technologies company, develops radiant heating, floor warming, and snow melting products and applications designed to deliver heat more efficiently and make life more comfortable. Product lines include hydronic floor heating systems, electric floor warming systems, and both hydronic and electric snow melting systems. The company uses its 30+ years of experience to bring innovation and advances to the radiant heating industry. For more information visit www.wattsradiant.com

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