Watts Generation IntelliFlow™ Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

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North Andover, MA –  Watts today announced that it has released its next generation Intelliflow A2CM1 automatic washing machine shutoff valve designed to meet the requirements of today’s washing machine technology. The latest model provides enhanced performance and a simplified product set-up procedure.

When the washing machine starts a cycle, the IntelliFlow senses the electric current flowing to the machine and opens the supply of water. Upon completion of the full wash cycle, the machine shuts off and returns to the original current level. IntelliFlow senses the low current and closes both the hot and cold water supplies, relieving pressure on the hoses.

By reducing the likelihood of flood problems, the IntelliFlow addresses one of the leading reasons for insurance claims in North America: water damage caused by burst washing machine hoses. A burst washing machine hose can discharge up to 500 gallons of water in only one hour.

For more information visit Watts.comWatts_A2CM1_Intelliflow_

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