Watts Automatic Control Valves

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ACV_Stainless_Steel_Star_Valve_933GS_smWatts Water Technologies announces its full line of Automatic Control Valves – complete with a wide range of cast iron ACVs and also its newest Stainless Steel Star line. Watts’ diaphragm-actuated and hydraulically operated ACV line features an efficient design with just four major components:  the body, cover, interior seat and diaphragm. Common applications for ACVs include both residential and commercial uses, firefighting systems, irrigation and more.  Among the Watts ACVs are:

  • Series 110 Float Control – Available for either on-off or modulating service, with valve or remote-mounted float controls. The Float Control valves’ operation can be reversed for special applications.
  • Series 116 Pressure Relief/Sustaining Control – When inlet pressure is above the set point and throttle pressure is below the field-adjustable set point, the valves open to maintain desired settings with close pressure tolerances.
  • Series 127 Altitude Control – The Altitude Control valve is designed to control water level in tanks or elevated storage reservoirs.  They monitor tank head pressure through a field-installed sensing line that opens for tank fill and closes at the desired level.  Equipped with separate adjustable opening and closing speed controls. Multiple variations are available.
  • Watts’ Stainless Steel Star ACV line includes  4” to 16” sizes.  These ACVs offer superb corrosion-resistance stainless steel.  Stainless steel ACVs are easier to install because of their lighter weight.

Many other ACVs are included in the product lineup.

For more information, www.watts.com.

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