WaterFurnace FLIGHT school trains geothermal

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Fort Wayne, Ind. — WaterFurnace International, Inc. is now offering training for Future Leaders In Geothermal HVAC Technology (FLIGHT) School, helping its dealers communicate the value of geothermal heating and cooling.

FLIGHT School is designed to educate anyone in the industry that interacts with a consumer on why geothermal is a viable and affordable option. The class covers several areas, such as true cost of ownership, why pre-qualifying leads is a bad idea, what consumers really want and how they buy. The training also includes competitive analysis review of other HVAC products.

“The material presented in this training is the collective result of thousands of dealer and contractor visits,” said Bret Ross, WaterFurnace Region Manager. “The instructors for this class have demonstrated success in enabling HVAC contractors to become more profitable and set themselves apart from the competition.”

Classes are currently exclusive to WaterFurnace dealers. However, anyone interested in attending FLIGHT School should contact their local WaterFurnace territory manager.

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