Water Jet Cutting: The Benefits of Innovation

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There is a growing desire to make things more efficient and faster in every aspect of life, from the workplace to our homes to our cars. This could be as simple as a faucet that heats water to boil or as complex as a Bluetooth-enabled feature for the car that allows you to make hands-free calls using voice recognition.

These are only a few of the many innovations that are available today. This is amazing, especially considering that innovation is all around us. It’s amazing that so many of these innovations are becoming more common in such a short period of time. This is an exciting time, but it also creates new expectations.

You can easily compare every change and each innovation with the one before. It is quite common for a business to mean that the measurement stick is only as long as the results of the previous project. Each innovation should include a solution that improves a company’s ability to do things faster, cheaper, and with better quality every step of the process. This is especially true in the manufacturing sector, where every player, from smaller manufacturers to larger ones is trying to be more competitive.

A brief introduction to the waterjet cutting process

Water jet cutting is a production of the innovation process. It offers the most flexible and smoothest process. It can cut different shapes from any material or object. It is a superior and unique edge quality machine. It is possible to imagine almost any type of cut with a waterjet cutting machine. In a matter of seconds, you can expect straight cuts, curvy cuts, and internal holes, as well.

It is easy to understand how a water jet cutter works. The machines use either supersonic water or water mixed in with an abrasive. This water is the tool to cut through materials. The first is the creation of streams of water at ultrahigh pressure, up to around 94000psi. The stream is thinned by a tiny, jewel-sized opening at the end. Water garnet is used to increase its cutting strength. This mixture of water with garnet gives the benefit of the unlimitable cutting power. There are two types of water pressure options for the water jet cutter. The pure water jet can be used for gasket, paper, and foam, while the abrasive water jet is for more difficult materials such as metal, stone, or ceramic.

Some of the benefits of water jet cutting

  1. Superior Cutting Edge Quality: Waterjet is well-known for its uniform and smooth cutting edge that is free of any burrs. High speeds, pressure, size, and flow rate of the abrasive, as well as high pressure, are all factors that contribute to the sharp edges. Water jets can also be used to reduce costs as the edges are already smoothed by the water jet cutting.
  2. Water jet cutting machines are cost-effective and efficient. It is the best cutting tool available and can handle any application. It can, without any problem, cut through thick materials such as hardened steel, aluminum, and multi-layered materials, as well as composites. Water jet cutting machines are for people who want to achieve extremely smooth cutting without additional edge requirements.
  3. Precision in internal cutting: The water jet cutter produces precise cuts of a micro inch. This versatile piece of cutting machinery is very popular on global markets. This machine is ideal for intricate designs and high tolerance.
  4. Shapes are limited only and only by imagination: A cutting needle that is made from high-pressure water and abrasive will cut through any object up to 1.2 m thick. This includes bonded materials such as aluminum, composite panels, and rubber-lined plates. It is possible to cut any shape from any material.
  5. No Heat Damages: With a water jet cutter, you can eliminate heat distortion and hardened edges. This can be used for products that need metal fabrication or additional machine finishing. Most steelworkers are required to be precise in fittings. This is often not possible with distorted cuttings. The material will undergo molecular changes if the cutting process is based on heat. Water jet cutting can avoid this.
  6. No changes are required: Water jet performance increases profitability and smoothness. The water jet doesn’t require modifications to its tools. To achieve different levels of cutting, you can adjust the water speed.

Final words

These were the six benefits of water jet cutting in your business. This is a great way to invest if you love the engineering of small products and need high-tech cutting capabilities.

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