Viega FostaPEX® tubing

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.34.56 AMViega offers the Viega FostaPEX® form-stable, multi-layered tubing for plumbing and radiant heating applications. The Viega FostaPEX pairs the flexibility of PEX with the stability of rigid piping, giving it a professional look while still bending with ease. The product is able to maintain this balance through its outer layers of aluminum and PE, and it is the only product on the market with a fully dimensional PEX tubing wall, allowing it to be used with the standard Viega PEX Press fitting system.

Viega FostaPEX is the ideal solution for applications where expansion and overall appearance may be an issue. The Viega FostaPEX press tubing has a low coefficient of expansion compared to standard PEX products and, since the Viega PEX fitting system connects to all types of ViegaPEX tubing including FostaPEX, distributors need only one inventory and contractors need only one tool set.

The long-term strength and stability, as well as temperature and pressure ratings, allow the Viega FostaPEX to be used for both potable water and hydronic radiant heating and cooling applications. Available in sizes of ½” to 1″, Viega FostaPEX exceeds all potable water certifications and standards.

The tubing is only compatible with Viega PEX Press fittings and features form stability to keep its shape after its bent, an exterior aluminum layer which acts as an oxygen barrier for heating applications and is color coded with a red or silver finish for easy identification of hot and cold lines.

Viega FostaPEX is an excellent product for exposed runs in a basement or under slab. It is rated at 100 psi at 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 160 psi at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Viega FostaPEX is listed to ASTM standards F876/877 and ANSI/NSF standards 14 and 61.

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