Victaulic RG1210 OGS-200 Roll Grooving Tool For Retrofit Steam and Condensate Lines

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Victaulic has released the RG1210 OGS-200 Roll Grooving Tool to simplify maintenance and repair on existing steam and condensate piping systems. The tool was designed to cold form OGS-200 roll grooves into Schedule 40 – 80 carbon steel pipe; further streamlining the installation of the Style 870 high-performance coupling.

Service contractors and facilities can perform maintenance without welding or hot works for steam and condensate systems. The RG1210 is capable of grooving 2 – 8” | DN50 – DN200 Schedule 40 pipe and 2 – 4” | DN50 – DN100 Schedule 80 pipe. While this tool has manual operation capabilities for in-place pipe preparation, the rugged design allows the RG1210 to be used on any job site where light-duty fabrication is required.

For more info, RG1210 OGS-200 Roll Grooving Tool