Victaulic Expands VicFlex™ Line

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Victaulic introduces two new ceiling brackets for stud and hat channel hard-lid ceilings, an extension to the existing VicFlex™ sprinkler fitting line of solutions. The new VicFlex solutions eliminate alignment issues associated with hard pipe drops and hard-lid ceilings, which result in drywall damage and costly repair, while reducing hands-on installation time by as much as 60 percent. Reduce the number of visits to the jobsite and eliminate change orders when using VicFlex solutions for either stud or hat-channel hard-lid ceilings. Should an adjustment be necessary after the ceiling is installed, simply loosen the bracket using a hand tool, adjust the sprinkler height and re-tighten the adjustment screw. The adjustment screw is easily visible, even with a concealed sprinkler. The VicFlex product line offers fast and dependable installation, durable performance and is cost effective for maintenance and retrofit applications. The Style AB2 for hard-lid stud ceilings and the Style AB4 Bracket for hat furring channel hard-lid ceilings are currently only available in North America.

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