Upselling high-tech plumbing products can be easier when customers ‘want’ products

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Ed Del GrandeAs a Kohler Co. “how-to expert” and master plumber with 35 years in the business, I’ve noticed something that almost all my service plumbing customers had in common: they only wanted me to install the plumbing products they needed, but I didn’t feel like they really wanted any of these items.

What I mean is, nobody ever called me up and said “Hey Ed, the toilet you put in last year is fine, but I really WANT the hot new style toilet that came out this year.” Instead, I was replacing broken or old fixtures, not upgrading bathrooms to “keep up with the Joneses.”

In today’s competitive plumbing service market it’s tough to make a profit driving from house to house to fix small problems. Also, it can make more financial sense for the homeowner if the plumber can do several plumbing updates on one call rather than returning for a second call a month or so later.


Nightlight toilet seat

On the jobsite, when I did try to point out areas of improvement to my customers, they couldn’t always envision how valuable the upgrade would be to them – “no thanks” was what I usually heard. Many homeowners need to see and touch products in order to feel a connection, to truly want it.

Therein lies the opportunity: if you can upsell your clients on the latest and greatest toilet or showerhead by showing them how it can improve their space and lives, you not only stand to increase your profit on the job, but chances are, your clients may just spread the word to their friends about their new bathroom upgrade and potentially bring in new clientele for you!


Moxie showerhead

Bottom line: Service plumbers should have some “cool” up-sell products that we can carry on the truck. Plumbing products that people may want as well as need. This way, when we point out a potential improvement, the response may be a more positive experience than just hearing “no thanks.”


Touchless toilet flushing kit

So, here’s 3 fun “high-tech” plumbing products from Kohler that may help your plumbing business with service call sales:

1. Moxie showerhead with integrated speaker — The music lover can rock-out the shower stall with this musical showerhead. Wireless technology built into the removable speaker means you can listen to pod casts and music while you shower.

2. Touchless toilet flushing kit – Bring bathroom hygiene to a new level with touch-less flushing toilets at home. New technology allows most existing toilets to be updated to hands free flushing.

3. Nightlight toilet seat — For the sleepy head looking for the toilet at night. This feature packed toilet seat has a built-in nightlight to help safely guide you in the dark to your toilet.

Finally, I can tell you from my own experience that not only can your customers enjoy these high-tech products, you may also “want” to install them in your own home as well! For more information you can visit:

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