Uniweld EZ Turn™ Anti-Blowback Hose

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gI_63903_EZ-TurnUniweld Products, Inc. releases the EZ Turn™ Anti-Blowback Hose. When connecting a standard hose nut to an access fitting, the valve core is depressed and the pressure from the system is released, spraying harmful refrigerant directly onto the technician’s hand and many times causing finger burns. This extreme pressure pushes back on the nut and causes a large amount of friction between the threads, making the nut very difficult to fully seat against the access fitting and provide unrestricted flow. Many times pliers are required to turn the nut and complete the seal. The EZ Turn™ Anti-Blowback fitting has a thrust bearing that reduces friction so the service hose can be easily connected to the access fitting while under pressure. This becomes extremely useful when working with a high pressure 410A system.

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