Tronic 5000 WH36 electric tankless

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bosch 0220Bosch Thermotechnology has introduced a new higher kW unit – the WH36 – to its family of Tronic electric tankless hot water heaters. The Tronic 5000 WH36 comes with an efficiency rating of 97% and can provide endless hot water for up to two major applications at a time. Like all Tronic 5000 models it can be installed virtually anywhere inside a home to provide whole house hot water on demand – for the WH36 at 5 gallons per minute. Compact and lightweight Tronic 5000 models – WH17, WH27 and WH36 – can be used in smaller homes and specific home conversion applications with hard to reach locations requiring extra hot water: in-law suites, garage apartments, pool houses and office suites with an attached bathroom/shower.  They can also be used to provide supplemental hot water for high-flow fixtures.

Tronic 5000 models conserve energy by experiencing minimal stand-by loss and have modulating elements that ensure a constant output temperature for hot water comfort. They come with a filter screen on the units’ inlet and provide enhanced scale resistance buildup over time.

Tronic 5000 models require hard wiring through double-pole breakers in the breaker box and require varying amperage service (WH17 80 amps –WH27 120 amps – WH36 180 amps).

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