Watts TRITON™ Plastic Pipe Joining System

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The Watts TRITON uses radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic technology to dramatically improve pipe joining and testing times, in turn increasing job site productivity. Using TRITON, ¾” plastic pipe can be fused in approximately 40 seconds, and welds are ready for pressure testing immediately. TRITON includes three components—a Control Unit, Fusers, and Fittings—which operate together to create durable outside diameter welds offering unobstructed flow and decreased pressure drop.  The use of RF electromagnetic technology also eliminates exposed heating elements, adhesives, and VOCs.The TRITON Control Unit creates a high-frequency radio signal that is delivered to the handheld Fuser. The Fuser in turn produces an electromagnetic field. When the Fuser is placed around the TRITON Fitting the electromagnetic field causes a reaction that fuses the plastic into a durable, hermetic weld. The Fuser features a patent-pending Fuse-Tel™ indicator that gives a visual and tactile indication of a successful weld. The TRITON Control Unit automatically calibrates for ambient outdoor temperature. Watts will offer a full complement of Fusers for corresponding pipe sizes. Watts.

For more information visit www.TritonPipeFusion.com.

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