Tools Make the Man, and Woman!

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Bob ‘Hot Rod’ Rohr has been a plumbing and heating contractor for more than 35 years. He knows a little something about the tools of the trade. Here, Hot Rod takes a look at some unique tools that he has had success with in the past. Here is Hot Rod in his own words:

photoI’m always on the lookout for clever and unique hand tools.  Over the years I have collected a good selection, here are a few favorites.

The “Dubey” (tool at top in image) cutter was quick, simple and well built.  It allowed you to quickly cut copper tube with a short swing, about 1/4 turn. I’d like to find some new cutter wheels for it. Nothing off the shelf seems to match up. Let me know if you have a source or know the history of this 20-year-old tool.

The orange “Nutspinner” (left in image) ring is a tool for tightening 3/8 or 1/2 nuts on all thread. The slot allows you to slip it onto the threaded rod anywhere along the length. These are often seen as giveaways at trade shows. This one is from Taylor Pipe Supports.

If you rebuild Delta Faucets you will appreciate this grey and red spring loaded insertion tool (center). Slip the spring and cup washer onto the tool and  “pull the trigger.”

Jaws J1010 (right) is a quick adjusting ratchet type pipe wrench. Slip it onto the pipe and pull the handle. The jaws tighten against the pipe without the need for the thumb screw adjustment.

Lastly the snap ring installation tool (bottom, left) for InSinkErator Disposal mounting rings. Slip the snap ring onto the working end of this “no-name” tool and push it up onto the disposal spud.

Got any favorites that you would like to add?

hot rodHot Rod is currently the training and education manager for Caleffi North America. He owned his own contracting company, Show Me Radiant Heat & Solar, Rogersville, Mo. He has been a plumbing and heating contractor since 1978.

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