The Builder Picks up the Bill, Let’s Talk About It.

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If you haven’t heard of Allison A. Bailes III, PhD founder, owner and president of Energy Vanguard you’re missing out. I personally have never met him but we have communicated online through social networks and his blog [which he updates very regularly with thought provoking scientific theory and proven facts about how our houses and buildings work, or should]. I have, however been a regular visitor to his site for a couple years now. You can read his latest blog here: Energy Vanguard Blog

If you visit his blog you’ll see he brings up a very interesting idea: “What If Home Builders Had to Pay the Energy Bills?” So, what if? That’s exactly what I would like to talk about, to hear what your thoughts and answers are to the very idea of actually putting your money where your mouth is.

When President Obama rolled out the “The American Recovery and Reinvestmeric_aune_1ent Act of 2009” there were many contractors scrambling to meet the new demand of work coming due to energy efficient appliance upgrades like furnaces and boilers for example. A lot of new equipment was then installed over the next two years with lofty promises of lower energy costs and better performing systems. These promises are not much unlike those offered within the new home market today. Builders are claiming low energy usage due to appliance door label marketing, leaving behind (by the majority) any actual evidence or real-life guarantee the new owners will, in fact, have lower energy bills.

So again, I’d like to ask the same question Mr. Bailes asks in his blog: What If Home Builders Had to Pay the Energy Bills?. Please give his blog a read and post your comment below. Thanks for visiting The Hub and I look forward to great conversation and idea sharing!

Eric Aune

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