US Boilers

Hub friend and Advisory Board Member, Rocky Pavey owns and operates Rocky’s Heating Service in Fairbanks, Alaska. Check out his crew as they hit the frozen back country for a boiler replacement job on the Tanana tribal reservation. Cool! Read more

Earth is round, water flows downhill, and oil-fired systems don’t modulate. Ok, so there are a few rare exceptions to the last one. Sort of. This unique, staged-fire, oil installation recently proved its worth at the Brothers of the Sacred Heart Provincial Community, in Pascoag, Rhode Island. It’s a retirement community for Catholic School clergy Read more Read more

Grundfos, U.S. Boiler Company Collaborate to Provide Ultra-Efficient Boiler-Pump Package  Grundfos ALPHA saves up to 85% more energy than conventional circulators, helping U.S. Boiler Company boost product efficiency NEW YORK — At the 2014 Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in New York City, Grundfos and U.S. Boiler Company will announce an agreement to pair Grundfos’ Read more

“Inside the Beltway and outside the box,” is the unofficial motto of Lorton, VA-based Foley Mechanical Inc. (FMI).  Owner Dan Foley has no shortage of opportunities to think “outside the box,” given the sheer number of custom homes in the greater Washington D.C. area.  After starting the company in 2002, he keeps 14 technicians busy Read more