Object detection software could save lives on construction and work sites around the world. Construction, the trades, and the maintenance industry all face the challenge of protecting workers on the job. Careers in these professions are highly rewarding but tend to come with more risks than some other fields. With object detection software, team leaders Read more

There’s no denying that worker safety is a top priority for many companies. All trade professionals need to ensure safe job sites, whether  working on home improvement projects or other contractor positions. Safety needs to be paramount — no company wants to see a maintenance employee get severely injured or face any life-threatening situations. Thankfully Read more

Health and safety in the workplace are essential for the benefit of your staff. You will want to maintain their safety at all times to prevent incidents and injury.  Any workplace can pose dangers, even if it is an ordinary office. Therefore, no matter what industry or environment you work in, you will likely always Read more

If you are working in the building industry then it’s your responsibility to ensure that the construction site is safe for everyone. Here are a few factors that you need to consider.  The Right PPE First, you need to ensure that your team members have the right PPE. The correct PPE will protect your team Read more

If you drive a work vehicle, likely, you are out in it often. This means it is important, for your safety, to keep your work vehicle secure and protected. This includes work cars, fleet vehicles, trucks, long-term car rentals, or personal vehicles used for business. A safe vehicle keeps repair and maintenance costs down, saves Read more