Chiller experts at Daikin Applied know that during a power loss, every second counts in mission critical facilities like data centers and hospitals. To quickly restore cooling capacity when the power returns, the global leader in HVAC is introducing new technology advancements that enable chillers to restart and reach full load operation at world-class speeds Read more

Minneapolis — Daikin McQuay is making a big move in the North American market, as it looks toward the future under a new brand – Daikin. The manufacturer will do business as Daikin Applied, harnessing the global capabilities of its parent company, Daikin Industries. When Daikin purchased McQuay International in 2006, the company began incorporating Read more

Commercial HVAC rooftop units are about to move from smart to intelligent with the help of Intel technology. With building owners having integrated smart HVAC technologies into their systems over the last decade, more data has become available, but that data has been underutilized. Daikin Applied (formerly Daikin McQuay) plans to use Intel-based intelligent gateway Read more