Taco 3350 PRV

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Taco's newest release into the hydronic component market set a new prescedence.  The 3350 PRV reduces incoming pressure and automatically maintains system pressure to the valve’s adjustable set point.  If the system pressure drops below the valve’s set point, it will automatically add water to the system. The 3350 is suitable for systems with fill pressure requirements between 10-50 PSI and features a fast-fill button with automatic reset. The valve automatically exits the fast-fill mode once the system is full and the desired set pressure is reached.

All parts for the cartridge-style pressure reducing valve are contained in a one piece cartridge that can be easily removed and serviced without reducing system pressure.  The device offers a fast-fill mode that automatically returns to normal mode when set pressure is reached.  It also delivers increased flow to speed system fill times. Its unique dial-in pressure setting allows for easy adjustment throughout the 10-50 psi range, without the need for an external gauge.

The unique one-piece cartridge design significantly reduces diaphragm load, extending the overall product life.

A stainless steel coaxial strainer prohibits system debris from affecting the valves’ performance. An integral check valve allows the cartridge to be removed under system pressure for replacement or servicing. The 3350’s body is made of forged brass.  Inside the cartridge, wetted parts are made of stainless steel, engineered plastics and bronze.

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