SunTrac Solar names VP of business development

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Tempe, Ariz. — SunTrac Solar Manufacturing LLC announced Tom Rieker as vice president of Business Development – High Temperature Fluids Division for its SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel™.

Tom Rieker - PictureAs one of leading experts in the solar thermal industry, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to this position. His efforts will be directed to hot water and solar hot water providers, specifiers, general services administration, direct sales and several leading research and development organizations. His responsibilities will also include working with the various media outlets and associations servicing the plumbing and mechanical industries.

“These are the most advanced and efficient American-built solar thermal panels in the world today and we are blessed to have Tom lead our efforts for our High Temperature Fluids division,” SunTrac Solar President Mike Weinberger said. Previous generations of solar thermal panels use evacuated-tube technology to capture the sun’s energy but with limitations, most notably stagnation of the heat transfer fluid and degradation of the panel caused by excess heat. “We needed a high-tech answer, so we began looking for a better solution than the decades old passive evacuated-tube technology,” Weinberger said.

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