Storage Hack: Pipe Wrench Holder

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I’m not sure where I first learned of the uni-strut pipe wrench holder trick but after trying it myself I can say its great!

Typically I keep my pipe wrenches upright in a 5 gallon bucket, the bucket is heavy and doesn’t last much more than a few months due to the weight and having to move it out of the way often. For now I’m still using the bucket for the larger wrenches as I make space in the truck for their strut hangers but as you’ll see in the video, the smaller daily wrenches are taken care of.

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Extra space is a premium on any type of service truck. Having a van and pickup myself I see the challenge from both sides. Organizing everything is important but having the tools you use everyday quickly accessible can make you day much more efficient and honestly, a lot easier. My hats off to the person who first shared this trick, I absolutely love it.

One tip I’ll share is that you’ll want to use the 1-5/8″ strut for wrenches 18″ and longer. I installed the pipe wrench holders in late July and have yet had any of the wrenches fall out of their holder. I chose to use small stainless stove bolts and locking nuts with fender washers, I’d say this hardware was a good choice. Please share a link back to this post with your friends if you find this helpful, I’d appreciate it!

I have been using the M18 FUEL Metal Cutting circular saw for over a year now for cutting strut and other metals like this. Its motor and drive system turn the blade at 3900 rpm, the perfect speed for the high torque task of metal cutting. You can find all the specs or get the best price on the #2782-20 M18 saw here: M18 FUEL Metal Cutting Circular Saw

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