State Water Heater’s 240H Series tankless

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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.24.57 AMThe 240H Series from State Water Heaters  is a high efficient, ultra low NOx condensing model with a .93 Energy Factor, allowing for the use of 3” PVC venting and has 0” clearance to combustibles. Indoor models come with a factory installed power chord. The Outdoor model includes a wall mount temperature remote controller and advanced diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting. State Industries incorporates true commercial-grade heat exchangers in our tankless heaters. HRS35 is a heat-resistant copper alloy, with additive elements that make it much stronger and harder than the standard C1220 copper used in most other heat exchangers. HRS35 has 8 times the tensile strength of regular copper. It also included a hi-limit switch to ensure that water temperature do not exceed unsafe levels.

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