Sloan adds Designer Series Sinks

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This October, Sloan expands its sink system offering with its new Designer Series line. The stylish and contemporary surface decks are designed to appeal to the architects and building managers of upscale hospitality venues, such as: contemporary restaurants, luxury hotels, luxury shops and executive office and c-level restroom suites. Made of natural stone or durable SloanStone® solid surface material, the aesthetically pleasing sinks have been impeccably crafted for high-design environments and are available in five different styles.

Specifically, Sloan’s Designer Series Sink Systems offer:

* 25 color options in natural stone or solid surface material
* Standard or custom dimensions: One, two or three user stations
* Integration with any of Sloan’s industry-leading, water-efficient sensor-activated faucets and soap dispensers
* Easy installation
* Hygienic, durable, easy-to-clean surfaces


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