See You at Solar Thermal ’12

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If you are interested in solar thermal systems and their integration into combi systems, then get thee to Solar Thermal 2012!  There is a lot more to solar thermal systems than just domestic hot water (DHW). Solar Thermal (ST) is ideal for radiant and most hydronic heat emitters; it is an ideal way to boost geo systems.  Learn from the industry gurus that push ST to the new levels.

This thermal specific event will be in Milwaukee again this year. A great cast of presenters will be onboard. This show cater to the thermal crowd. No need to wander aisles of PV solar to find the “wet” side of solar. This event is promoted by the MREA  Midwest Renewable Energy Association, the City of Milwaukee and Caleffi,  December 6 & 7th at the Hilton in downtown Milwaukee. There is plenty of good dining and drink. Put this on your list of must-attends if you are, or want to be, a solar thermal “player.”  See you there. For more information,

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