RW Zant Commodity Sales relies on tankless retrofit

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CPCO Inc., La Habra, Calif., replaced a 26-year-old, 1,000,000 BTU boiler at the R.W. Zant Commodity Sales working poultry processing and packaging facility. Branden Blanke, vice president, and his team of two prefab workers and three onsite installers were contracted to perform this work because of CPCO’s innovative solutions and ways of approaching the project, to complete it in a timely manner, and to complete the job without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the poultry processing facility.


Three Navien NPE-240S tankless water heaters replaced 26-year-old boiler and 550-gallon overhead storage tank at R.W. Zant poultry processing facility.

Blanke and his team installed three Navien NPE-240S tankless water heaters with internal circulation for domestic hot water instrumental in cutting, packaging and processing at the facility; hot water is used to clean equipment, floors, etc. “We always use Navien tankless. In this installation, they are a better fit than the large boiler with storage tank,” said Blanke. “We are able to utilize tankless units into a retrofit, otherwise we would have had to run a separate gas line.”


Removal of the 26-year-old boiler makes room for the Navien NPE-240S tankless water heaters.

CPCO Inc. prefabricated the tankless system at its shop before shipping the complete system to the site to be installed. Prefabricating the system at the shop allowed CPCO to deliver a complete, ready-to-go system to the site to minimize the downtime of the changeover to just under one hour.

Prefab Navien System

Prefab of the Navien tankless system was done offsite to help offset downtime at the installation site.

The challenge here was removing the 26-year-old boiler and 550-gallon overhead storage tank in the middle of a working poultry processing and packaging facility while working in a clean environment monitored by the USDA.

The owner could not be happier with the system installed, and has never had more consistent hot water than with the tankless system. “They are happily in love with it,” said Blanke.

Name of company:

CPCO inc.

570 S Beach Blvd., La Habra, CA 9063


Name of Project:

RW Zant Commodity Sales

Los Angeles, CA

Date started: June 24th started prefabrication – June 25th finished prefabrication

Date Finished: Installed in one day June 26th

Size of Project: Replacement of 1,000,000 BTU boiler and 550 gallon storage tank, with tankless water heaters.

Workers onsite: 2 prefab workers, 3 onsite installers

Manufacturer/Model Name or Number: three (3) – Navien NPE-240S tankless water heaters; one (1) – JJM Boiler Works NB-6 condensate neutralizer tank

Navien NPE-240S tankless water heaters
• ½” gas pipe capable up to 24’
• Field convertible gas system
• Ultra condensing efficiency .98EF
• Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
• Low NOx emissions (≤ 20ppm)
• SCH 40, 2” venting up to 60’
• Cascading capable


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