ROTHENBERGER Plastic Pipe Welding

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ROWELD lineROTHENBERGER USA launched a new line of ROWELD welding products to its North America customers. The ROWELD line of products includes its heated tool butt-welding machines, socket welding and extruder welding units, plastic pipe cutters, as well as its comprehensive accessories, stand for tailor-made and economical customer solutions worldwide.

Components in the ROWELD product line include:

The ROWELD P 63 S-6 socket welder is for use with heating spigots and heating sockets 20 – 63 mm with three simultaneously usable combinations for welding sockets, pipes and fittings up to 63 mm diameter.

The ROWELD P 160 P 6 manual butt welding is for use on PP, PE and PVDF pipes and fittings (1″-5″ / 40 -160 mm). Especially suited for 45˚ branches and tight elbows. For use on the job site or in the shop, the P 160 Saniline is versatile and suits most applications.

The ROWELD 160 B, 250 B, and 355 B professional hydraulic butt welding machines have infinite pressure adjustment, an easy and legible pressure gauge and pressure reservoir for welding according to DVS and other internationally valid guidelines and standards. For use on building sites, in trenches and in the workshop.

The ROCUT 110 and 160 plastic pipe cutters offer precision cutting of PVC, PE, PP, PEX, PB and PVDF pipes in a single operation. Suitable for both thin and thick walled pipes, as well as sound insulated drain pipes. Cutting, chamfering and deburring with one tool.

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