ROGROOVER 2-12” Hydraulic Roll Groover

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ROTHENBERGER USA introduces the ROGROOVER 2-12” Hydraulic Roll Groover machine, capable of roll grooving 2 to 12-inch steel pipes up to schedule 40. The ROGROOVER is one of the only machines on the market that comes with a heavy duty roller pipe stand with a maximum load support of 1,300 pounds, up to 14-inch pipe capacity and an enclosed cabinet for storage of groove sets.

The ROGROOVER is designed with a sturdy hydraulic pump with defined formed grips for supreme handling and offers fine adjustment grooving for accurate depth and regulation when producing high quality grooves. It also has a pressure value which allows for quick modifications, when needed.

The quiet, sturdy, yet powerful ROGROOVER comes with a 110V motor with a speed capacity of 23 mph and maximum pressure of 17,636 pounds (8,000 kg). The machine is best used for sprinkler system installations, fire suppression, drain systems, mining and other industrial settings where a grooved connection is needed.

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