RIDGID SeekTech SR-24 line locator

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SR24 Beauty_4cWith the introduction of the SeekTech SR-24 Line Locator, RIDGID® continues its tradition of combining advanced technology with innovation to create products that assist in making locating jobs easier. The SR-24 Line Locator is a locating receiver that streamlines creating accurate maps of underground utilities in order to protect critical assets.

The SR-24 uses integrated Bluetooth® communications to transmit locating data to either a third-party survey grade GPS or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Data logging capabilities allow recording GPS and locating data to an onboard micro SD card. In addition to impressive OmniSeek® passive locating capabilities, the SR-24 can be programmed to detect any active frequency from 10 Hz to 35 kHz. Its omnidirectional antennas capture the complete signal field making it easy to locate a line and follow its path.

The free RIDGIDtrax app, for use on iPhone, iPad or Android, provides basic utility mapping on a mobile device. When paired with the SR-24 Line Locator, the RIDGIDtrax app will display GPS position and depth of the target utility on a real-time map. A user can identify the type of utility (water, gas electric, etc.) and display multiple utilities on the same map. A completed map can be saved and viewed inside the app or exported to a universal file format for use with popular GIS programs such as Google Earth™.

For additional information about the new RIDGID SeekTech SR-24 Line Locator, visit www.RIDGID.com.

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