Reliable Controls SMART-Sensor Series

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Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of several new optional features to the popular SMART-SensorTM line of products, providing added functionality while opening the door for more customized installations and promoting the right device for each unique space.

A complement to any room, the Reliable Controls SMART-SensorTM series delivers a communicating sensor solution, which allows the connection of up to ten configurable parameters related to a space. In addition to the onboard temperature sensor and optional CO2, humidity, and occupancy sensors, the SMART-Sensor has the following new options:

LED Backlight
• An LED backlight option is available for SMART-SensorsTM with LCD displays; the backlight will switch off 10 seconds after the last button press and  if auto blanking is enabled, the initial button press will turn the display on

°C/°F Switch
• A Celsius/Fahrenheit toggle switch option is available for SMART-SensorsTM with LCD displays

Setpoint Slider
• An optional linear potentiometer setpoint slider can now be ordered

Override Button and Up/Down Buttons
• Standard SMART-Sensors can be ordered with an optional override button to indicate occupancy during unoccupied periods, and an up/down button option for setpoint adjust.

The SMART-Sensor packs a tremendous amount of measurement capability into a small, wall-mounted package.


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