Registration for 2018 CPD exam is open

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The Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) program, administered by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), is the only international credential program in the plumbing engineering field, and it provides formal recognition of outstanding professionals with advanced skills in the design and specification of plumbing systems. The 2018 CPD Exam is being held on April 5 and 6, and registration is now open at

Why do the plumbing industry’s elite choose to earn and maintain the CPD credential? CPDs are considered to have the highest level of skills in the design and specification of plumbing systems, and employers and clients immediately recognize a designer’s achievements when they see the CPD designation after the designer’s name. “The CPD reflects competency in plumbing design and professionalism, and sets one apart from others in the industry, whether it is competing for a project with an owner, architect, or contractor, or competing for promotions in your employment,” says Bradley T. Gettel, CPD, GPD, LEED AP, a Principal at MEC Inc. in Denver.

Sarah A. Balz, PE, CPD, GPD, LEED AP, a Piping Engineer at Affiliated Engineers in Madison, Wisconsin agrees. “The CPD certification will add value to your resume and your company,” she says.

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