QuickSetter+ Balancing Valve w/ Flow Meter

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Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

PR - Caleffi QuickSetter+Take the guess work and labor out of balancing hot water recirculation systems with the Caleffi 132 Series QuickSetter+TM manual balancing valve, complete with built-in flow meter and sight gauge. Systems left unbalanced or improperly balanced result in wasted water, a costly and environmental compromise, as well as the undesired annoyance placed on building occupants. The valve provides fast, easy and accurate circuit balancing within seconds in commercial and residential domestic water systems. Simply pull the flow indicator by-pass pin, adjust the flow while viewing flow rate and release the pin. No instruments or reference graphs are needed. The QuickSetter+ is IAPMO certified, low-lead brass with a stainless steel flow adjuster. It is available in three connection sizes: 1⁄2″, 3⁄4″ and 1″ sweat union. Flow range options include 0.5 – 1.75 GPM or 2.0 – 7.0 GPM.


For more information, visit Caleffi’s Web site at www.caleffi.us, e-mail at sales@caleffi.com, or call (414) 238-2360.

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