Pull Stop Box™

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The Pull Stop Box™ is designed to eliminate the hassle associated with angle stop installation because it eliminates the need to stub out. Estimated to reduce installation time by 50%, the Pull Stop Box moves the valve into the rough-in and eliminates the need for a mounting bracket, valve and escutcheon.

To install, simply crimp, sweat or cement the inlet of the valve to the piping system and fasten the Pull Stop Box to the wall. The valve is installed during the rough-in stage, eliminating the need to cut off the end of the stub out and also preventing water leaks on newly installed floors and cabinets. The Pull Stop Box can be mounted in any direction allowing back-to-back installation of as many as four Boxes on the same stud.

The Pull Stop Box features a high-quality brass valve with a triple O-ring design on the shank to seal in the valve inlet. If needed, the valve can be replaced in under a minute with only a screwdriver.

The sleek, finished connection of this all-in-one unit features a decorative knob with easy water flow control. It is tamper proof, low maintenance and ideal for new construction or remodeling.


For more information about the Pull Stop Box or other LSP products, please visit pullstopbox.com, lspproducts.com

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