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Four pro tips on how to cope with ever-growing consumer demands and better serve today’s digitally fluent customers You don’t have to be a fan of HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper to be familiar with hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. These days, the husband-wife duo has become the face of the American DIY Dream to Read more

Founded in 2003, Kansas City, Kan.-based DMI is a mechanical service and construction company that provides HVAC services to the commercial and industrial markets. With a field staff of more than 60 technicians, DMI services more than 1,000 commercial customers. A DMI philosophy, “Best People, Best Customers, Best Practices,” general manager Valerie Musset was looking Read more

Let’s face it, a lot has changed since you first hung your shingle and landed that first big job. Depending on your experience in this business you might not have even been using a cell phone back then but today it has become as essential as a reliable vehicle or supplier. For the majority of Read more

The advances made with wireless tools are some of the most exciting in our industry in a long time. Smart HVACR tools and applications like the Job Link® System App and family of tools are making work faster and smarter, while also allowing technicians to enjoy much greater precision while diagnosing and repairing a system Read more

The impact and importance of technology in the 21st century are unrivaled. It is an industry that has grown rapidly over the years and influenced lifestyle, finance, education, medicine, innovation, and other industries in the world. Digital technologies are everywhere; you can see their influence in different areas such as streaming, social media, robotics, smartphones Read more

Whenever you do anything related to marketing, you’ll want the results to shine through. You’ve put in the work to get people on board or to get more eyes on your work, so you’ll want to make sure that everything bears fruit. The fact is that it’s a skill and something that should be worked Read more

It’s no secret that a lot of hard work goes into running a construction business – whether you are drafting contracts or preparing for a large-scale project. However, if you are looking to give your business a competitive edge, then you may benefit from making the most of the outsourcing services that are available to Read more

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 coronavirus has made life challenging for businesses – especially ones where contractors come into close contact with the public. Nowadays, consumers are more wary about being in close proximity to people outside their families. As a plumber, you still need to operate your business and earn a living. With Read more


Robocalls may be the most annoying use of modern technology ever. Long gone are the days of quickly answering the phone on the first ring with hope that new business was waiting on the other end of the line. In service businesses like plumbing and HVAC our phones are the lifeline we rely on to Read more

Pocket Guide for ProPress I remember back when I first started in the trade as an apprentice my first journeyman handed me a Tyler Pipe pocket guide for reference of fitting take-offs, make-ups etc. That was an incredibly useful tool and was nearly worn out by the time I memorized the most used measurements. I Read more