Oil Heat Cares revs up for OESP

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This is the main fundraiser for the non profit charity, Oil Heat Cares.  It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing OESP has got a sport for you.  The motorcycle division will be lead by Ralph Adams.  After a very recent road trip made by Ralph, National President, Al Breda and a couple of other “bikers” from the Fairfield County Chapter, they are gearing up for the motorcycle division of Care to Ride.

Ralph has an exciting ride planned.  Just download this document.  Included you will find information on bike rentals as well.

For those of you planning to ride your bicycle, Don Farrell will be leading that group and they will depart the Wyndham at 2:00 p.m.  Knowing Don’s passion for Civil War history, it will probably be an interesting ride.  Walkers and Runners – 5:00 p.m. departure.  The Wyndham has a very interesting route that we’re going to use.  Unless you are a marathon runner, don’t get concerned with the 6 miles.  The halfway mark will be noted so that you can run three miles.  The walkers will use the same route and Judy Garber will lead this group.

That evening – The OESP Chapters invite you to join us at the opening reception at the Wyndham.  OESP is planning light fare including a dessert station, beverages and snacks.  That evening we’ll make the awards for both events.  And we’ll see how much money has been raised for both.

So get registered today!  Register as a single or a team.  The beauty of Oil Heat Cares is the fact that no one is paid to manage OHC.  The board is completely made up of willing volunteers.  So be assured 98% of your donation goes to worthy projects.  Yes, with the 2% (or so) we pay an accountant to handle our tax return.  (and they too give us a nice discount).

Visit www.thinkoesp.org to register for this, the golf and the Roadshow and of course Dan Holohan’s seminar Tuesday after the show, Dead Men Steam.

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