Oil-to-gas boiler retrofit — Portsmouth, N.H, — Hart Plumbing and Heating

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An 1800’s home with a very inefficient oil boiler sounds like trouble. That’s what Kevin Hart, service and install manager, Hart Plumbing and Heating, found when his crew was called to the Portsmouth, N.H. residence.

Kevin Hart 2“By using the outdoor sensor and setting the temperatures to the company’s recommendations, we were able to use an indirect water heater that the homeowner had purchased less than six months ago. I have installed the Lochinvar KNIGHT heating boiler in similar situations and have received nothing but positive feedback from all our customers,” says Hart.

The challenge with this installation was dealing with the very old construction of the home. It made it hard to find a location for venting. On top of that, the home is located in a historic district so Hart was limited on termination of the venting.

According to Hart, to this point, the heat has not yet been turned on, “but we did hear that the recovery on the hot water is much quicker and the homeowner saw very low gas bills over the summer months.”

Inside the Job

Name of company: Hart Plumbing and Heating

Name of Project (City, State): Portsmouth , New Hampshire

Date started: May 22, 2014

Date Finished: May 23, 2014

Workers onsite: 2

Boiler — Lochinvar KNIGHT Heating Boiler (KBN 151)

Water heater —Indirect 40 gal.

Pumps — 2 Taco pumps

Relays — Taco relay

Piping — copper piping

Main Tools Used — soldering gear and threading tools

Valves — valved circulator flanges from Webstone

Separators — Spiro Vent

Expansion tanks —  Amtrol expansion tank

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