Ohio plumbing company relies on concrete breaker for sewer line access

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BSB Plumbing Inc., located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, repaired a sewer line at the Fountain Bleau Event Center in Avon Lake, Ohio. The line that was located underneath the concrete kitchen floor, serving the commercial dishwasher and sink, had ruptured and BSB Plumbing had to remove a 2-foot by 3-foot section of concrete to access and replace the old cast iron pipe with a new PVC line.

Glen Ailport, owner of BSB Plumbing, chips away at the concrete floor with the easy-to-use Wacker Neuson electric breaker.

Glen Ailport, owner of BSB Plumbing with more than 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, used Wacker Neuson’s portable EH 65 electric breaker to break up the concrete floor and gain access to the sewer line. Weighing only 57 pounds, the EH 65/120 exceeds the leading competitor’s electric breaker in power-to-weight ratio and percussion rate. It operates on a 120-volt, 15-amp outlet or small, portable 2,500-watt generator, that when combined with the breaker, can easily fit in the back of a service truck. The Wacker Neuson’s EH 65 belongs to a new class of electric tools since it meets the performance of 60- to 70-pound pneumatic hammers, but eliminates the need to tow a compressor.

“In the past I would have had to go out and rent a large, pull-behind air compressor along with hoses to use a jackhammer. The awkward equipment and mess of hoses is a real nightmare. The EH 65 breaker on the other hand is light weight and one person can easily handle it,” said Ailport. “It’s also convenient that it plugs into a standard outlet so the power to run the breaker is readily available.”

The 57-pound breaker is relatively convenient to maneuver, especially in the back of Ailport’s work van.

The EH 65 is light, quick and powerful, providing efficient concrete breaking for plumbing and mechanical applications. It hits with 47.9 foot pounds (65 Joules) and a high percussion rate of 1060 blows per minute, giving the EH 65 the highest power-to-weight ratio compared to any breaker in its size class.

The EH 65’s outstanding performance and extremely high breaking output is the result of a new, hollow-piston percussion system with a rod striker and patented shockwave-optimized percussion system, along with the high single-stroke energy. Added to the excellent performance, the breaker has a patented, full hood vibration dampening design that reduces vibration to the operator with hand-arm vibration values at less than 5 m/s². This reduced vibration along with additional vibration isolated handles and its overall light weight, allows the operator to run the unit for longer periods of time, enhancing overall production.

“Jackhammers are heavy and will rattle every bone in your body and using a rotary hammer for little projects can be time intensive,” commented Ailport. “The EH 65 breaker is comfortable to use. It has good grips and comfortable angles, and I hardly feel any vibrations. One of the main benefits is that it won’t wear you out, which makes using it for a couple of hours no problem.”

Ailport reported that for his regular plumbing services, he has to break up concrete on average once a week. He also sees an advantage to using the EH 65 breaker for his expanded sewer services that he provides, which are primarily collapsed lines.

“On most jobs, you can’t predict what situations you’re going to get into. If I end up having to break up a floor or sidewalk, I have the breaker right there in the van and don’t have to stop what I’m doing, and potentially have to return on a different day with rented equipment. I can simply pull it out of my service van and use it to get the job done right then and there,” said Ailport. “It’s a really handy piece of equipment to have for plumbing services and commercial sewer work. I can also use it for concrete projects at my own home.”

Using the EH 65 breaker overall shortens service call time by not only eliminating the need to arrange large equipment rentals, but also by reducing down time since the breaker and user can continue working without needing to stop. At the Fountain Bleau, Ailport installed 30 feet of new, 2-inch PVC pipe and about 15 fittings.

“By using the breaker, I saved about four hours of time not including the time that would have been spent to procure a jackhammer,” Ailport said. “The total replacement time was about 10 hours; without the breaker it would have taken much longer.”

Wacker Neuson’s EH 65 is powered by a brushless, three-phase motor and offers a consistent power supply even when using a long extension cord. The inverter protects the tool with an automatic shut off if input voltage is too low or too high, providing for long life and unmatched durability. By eliminating the traditional rotor and carbon brushes found on competitive models, Wacker Neuson has eliminated the need for maintenance on this tool. With no brushes to replace or winding failures to contend with, contractors can be assured that this tool will provide the best uptime in the industry.

The combination of high-demolition power and a sturdy, durable design makes the EH 65 extremely cost efficient and the only servicing required is occasional on-site lubrication. The EH 65 was originally designed for intensive use over long periods so it can be used to demolish large quantities of concrete, brickwork or asphalt, offering contractors or rental houses a new breaker alternative for their fleet.

“The breaker is a good tool for my plumbing business. The engineering behind it is solid and innovative,” summarized Ailport.

The EH 65 breaker is backed by a three-year warranty.

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