Oh me, oh my: weeding through the narcissism that is Facebook

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jm_picxWhat originated from the room of a college dormitory, and used for students to communicate and connect with each other, Facebook has become one of the most powerful forms of social media. Although, as of late, it’s been brought to my attention that Facebook “is networking for old people.” Other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are where it’s at, so I’ve been told. According to recent stats: the percentage of 15-34 year olds that use Facebook is 66%, while 28% of 12-17 year olds use it. And, there’s this: 45% of those aged 65+ uses Facebook.

Yet with 1.28 billion users and 757 million daily active users, its reach is undeniable. The power of Facebook for any business, for example, can be far reaching. The more you can get in front of a client or prospective customer to brand your product or services, the better. The ability to network, self-educate and communicate with peers has been made that much easier with these social networking channels.

I use Facebook quite a bit, for personal reasons and for Mechanical Hub (https://www.facebook.com/mechanicalhub). But there are things that I’ve noticed through my experience with FB that are unusual, annoying, funny—or, well, you’ll see—that I thought I’d share, mostly through personal Facebook accounts. NOTE: This list is made in jest; I am guilty of some of these myself!

1. Selfie Self-indulgence — FB is, well, the center of your universe. Why not keep it that way? All posts revolve around poster — the food they eat, old pics of themselves, duck faces, etc. I’m actually thinking of hiring a part-time photographer to take pictures of me everywhere I go. SELFIES ARE HARD!

2. Creeper/ The Anti-social Social Media Follower — Follows you on FB every day and doesn’t engage but brings up your recent activities when you see them next. Would it kill ya to LIKE a post or engage in conversation?

3. FB Stalker — See No. 2 — Checks out old flames, or people who they don’t even know. They’re out there; you just don’t know it.

4. Taboo Artists — Chronic posters of religion, politics, etc. Why, why, why? If the rule is don’t do this on a first date, then don’t do it on social media. It may end up as an UNFRIEND.

5. The Complainer/Lead-on Posts — Ambiguous posts that are intended to lure you in to inquire more about a person’s pathetic problems.

6. Churchgoers — Nothing could be more enthralling than letting us know that you checked in at church.

7. The Supporter — No matter what you post, they’ll LIKE it.

8. The Quick-draw Supporter — Person who lives on Facebook to like posts seconds after that are posted.

9. The Sports Fanatic — Spoiler Alert: Poster of all live sporting events.

10. The Baby Poster — All things baby — from guessing weekly weights to showing cute pics of baby eating breakfast. I got to be honest, cute, at first.

11. ALL CAPS POSTER — Because it means a little more in Caps Lock.

12. All Things Work — Do you do anything fun?

13. Who Are You? The guy/girl you are friends with but you don’t exactly know why. You see posts and don’t know this person is, let alone their friends, family, etc.

14. Pet Cemetery — Your pet has a Facebook page?

15. The Foodie — Posts plates of food or glasses of beer, perhaps letting us know that their life is a bit better than everyone else’s.

16. The Sensitive FBer — You like his/her post but not mine. What’s up with that?

17. The Self-LIKER — Need a ruling on this. Not sure you are allowed to LIKE your own posts.

18. First Person Poster — Can you say annoying? John Mesenbrink would never do this.

19. NEW! Step Counter Posts — Exercise app allows you to show the world how many steps you’ve taken on a hike, walk, etc. Nobody cares. Really. And for the love of God, please put your shirt back on.

20. Just enjoy the moment! Why not sit back and enjoy the scenery, concert, family, etc.? Put the phone down, you might miss the simple things in life. And, I don’t need to know every detail about your life!

Anything you’d like to add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment.

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