OESP Member/Contractor Reaches Out To Family In Need

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In addition to being an owner of Heritage Fuel and member of the Westchester Chapter, Bob Daros has also been a volunteer fireman for 27 years and currently serves as the Fire Commissioner. At the height of Hurricane Sandy, October 30th, he and his crew were called to the scene of a fallen tree. Neighborhood pals, Jack Baumler 11 years of age and Michael Robson, 13, died that night when a nearly 100 foot oak tree crashed into the family room of the Baumler home in North Salem, NY.

The home is being rebuilt and Bob wants to spearhead the installation of the heating and cooling system. They can't use Oil Heat Cares because he needs to install a propane system. Knowing how important a job this is to the community, we're helping get the equipment (and we've had lots of donations that we'll mention later) and we still need an air conditioner. Our friends from Wohler donated a Wohler 400(P/N 3359) Flue Gas Analyzer with a MSRP value of $2490.00.

Bob wants to install this system later this month so instead of selling tickets we're auctioning this item on E-Bay – so if you or someone you know needs an analyzer or just wants to help raise money, please help us out. We have a minimum bid of $500.00 to start the bidding that will last for the next 9 days.


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