Product Review: MPT multi-thread pressure tester

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Every once in a while a “head slapping” tool comes across my radar. This simple but versatile MPT Tester by Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is one of the better ideas I have seen in some time. It was invented by a plumber to replace the homemade or one sized test gauges assemblies commonly found on the suppliers shelves.

I have worn through dozens of the standard, off the shelf test gauge assemblies.  They often crack—and plug the gauge or Schrader valve from rust—when used on water testing over and over.

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Tools designed by and for the plumber

The patented MPT Tester eliminates special testing apparatus and makeshift manifolds for rough and finish inspections — making them more economical, less labor intensive and easier.

The unique feature of the MPT multi-thread pressure tester is its ability to fit a range of pipe sizes, without requiring additional fittings or reducers.  The stepped “cone” design also allows it to accommodate 1/8, ½, and ¾ on the mini and ½- 2” on the pro version.  The construction is high-quality aluminum, and the thick wall should provide a long lasting assembly the will not crack or strip easily. Aluminum construction will also eliminate the rust build up common with the steel-type test gauge sets.

Several kits are available, with a choice of sizes and accessories. The adapters and gauges included are also high-quality construction. Two gauges with a low range 35oz. and a 5 psi are packed in the foam lined case. A standard ¼ npt connection allows you to use other gauges. I added a “lazy hand,” telltale gauge for my testing. Air hose and garden hose adapters are another nice feature included in the case, along with a mini ball valve.

If you pride yourself in owning and wrangling  high-quality, tools that will last a lifetime, the MPT is one that you will want to add to your collection.

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