Moving season = HVAC maintenance education

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May is the start of peak home buying and remodeling season and with many homeowners purchasing their first home or getting their new home live-in ready, it’s an ideal time to walk consumers through proper HVAC maintenance and care.

“Homeowners have a lot on their mind as they start remodeling or moving into a new or existing home,” says Lane Jeffryes, CEO and President of Rotobrush International. “It’s important that they feel comfortable in their new living space and part of that comfort is indoor air quality.”

Most people give the home a thorough cleaning before moving in, but it’s important to remember the items that are behind-the-scenes. With older homes, it’s harder to know the maintenance or cleaning habits of the previous owners.

But that doesn’t mean new construction is excluded. Homebuyers may think that purchasing a new home means everything is clean and spotless. However, throughout the construction process, there are a lot of opportunities for dust, dirt and other construction debris to filter into the air ducts, especially if the heating and cooling system is operating.

If the duct work has not been cleaned properly, once the HVAC system turns on these contaminants can plug the filter or if it passes through the filter will impact the homeowner’s indoor air quality.

For consumers tackling a remodeling project, there are steps they can take to help reduce the impact. They can cover return air ducts with plastic and tape, and close the damper on the supply register to help reduce the construction dust from spreading throughout the home.1

Provide New Homeowners with Tips

For first-time homebuyers, it can be overwhelming to have the task of taking care of a home and ensure everything runs properly. Consider providing homeowners with a checklist of maintenance tips to help them get started such as:

Annual maintenance and tune-up on your heating and cooling system.
Routinely check the furnace filter and replace when there is visible dirt on the filter and ask your HVAC company on how often they recommend changing the filter.
Take advantage of opportunities for free energy audits to make sure your home is running efficiently and find ways to save on energy bills.
Hire a professional to clean your air ducts to help remove contaminants that can circulate in your home.

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