Milwaukee Tool HARDLINE™ 3″ Smooth blade Pocket Knife

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Back in 2015 we were teased with the introduction of a new premium line of pocket knives from Milwaukee while attending the annual New Product Symposium. Milwaukee has had great success with their FastBack Knives, offering utility blades and fixed blades and the recently launched FastBack Compact 48-22-1906 is the best knife we’ve ever owned for under $10. It is value like this that gives us great hope for this new higher end line of pocket knives, Milwaukee’s Hardline Knives are intended to be the next step-up with high end D2 steel and premium features but a price point of $59-$79 which is about half of what you’d shell out for a competitor’s knife with similar features.

I’ve been working in the trades for over twenty years and I cannot think of anyone I’ve worked with that doesn’t carry a knife of some sort on the job. Even off the job you’d be hard-pressed to find trade workers not carrying a pocket knife. One thing is for sure, everyone has a different idea of what knife is best and that hinges on multiple factors: style, size, quality, etc. After many successful years of offering pocket knives Milwaukee has upped the ante with a higher quality offering.

The 4 Knife/Blade options are: 2.5” HARDLINE™ Smooth Blade 48-22-1997 ($59), 3” HARDLINE™ Smooth Blade 48-22-1994 ($69), 3” HARDLINE™ Serrated Blade 48-22-1998 ($69), 3.5” HARDLINE™ Smooth Blade 48-22-1999 ($79) and are available now.


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