Milwaukee® 46″ Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet: You can have your cake and eat it too

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When the driver unloaded the new Milwaukee® 46” Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet from the truck, my mouth dropped, and I stepped aside, in awe. Every time I go into the garage, that same feeling overtakes me.

DSC_0011Of the 80 new tools released by Milwaukee in 2015, the Chest and Cabinet organizer is in line with Milwaukee’s overall message in that this is not just any other new tool launch, but it is made with the tradesperson in mind. Built for extreme productivity, the new storage solution was designed with the versatility, function, durability and organization options that professional users need every day.

“Many storage solutions in this category do not have the durability that professionals expect, and do not provide users with the versatility they desire,” says Bobby Shaw, Director of Product Marketing for Milwaukee Tool. Milwaukee’s new storage solution features a reinforced angle iron frame and 5” industrial casters — two of which swivel and have wheel lock capability — for ultimate durability, and is fully loaded with innovative features to maximize productivity.

Installation and Set-up

The storage chest and cabinet come separately, as two pieces, and overall installation time is less than 20 minutes. Set-up instructions are simple to navigate through and it comes with proper tools, sans Philips screwdriver. I will caution that the two pieces are quite heavy so having a second person onsite to help lift the Chest on the Cabinet is needed.


My integrated workstation: this pull-out work surface is ideal for laptops while storing important documents underneath.

The Tool Chest


The top and side power centers feature 12 outlets for optimum charging ability.

I’d like to think of the storage chest and cabinet an integrated workspace. It features enough surface space to organize tools, and one of the drawers features a pull-out work surface, (drawer/moveable lid) so I can place my laptop right on top when the drawer is extended, and beneath I can store documents. In addition, the “toolbox” features a built-in power center that includes 12 outlets for necessary charging. There is a cord in the back of the unit that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.


Plenty of surface area for tool placement; the pneumatic lid features 10.5″ clearance so upright tools will not be upset.



There are 16 drawers in all that feature 100-lb soft close capability, and two that include a second set of slides to support 200 lbs. In all the 46” Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet can support a weight capacity of 1,800 lbs. All of the drawers can be locked — with key entry — for added security.


Storage space galore: 16 drawers feature 100-lb soft close capability, and two that include a second set of slides to support 200 lbs.

For added utility, a power tool organizer keep tools upright, and an independent locking drawer keeps valuables and personal goods secured while working. Under the pneumatic lid, users can also store tools on the integrated metal peg wall, or upright directly on the work surface, which has 10.5” of clearance from the lid when closed.

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Have larger power tools? It has a drawer for that.

Retail price:

 • 48-22-8500 is the combo ~ $700

• 48-22-8510 steel storage chest (top) ~$300

• 48-22-8520 Rolling steel storage cabinet (bottom) ~$400

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