Mass. implements new oil burner code

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On January 1, 2015, state regulators with the Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention (BFPR)
adopted the National Fire Prevention Association’s (NFPA) Model Fire Code NFPA 1 along with
NFPA 31, the Standard for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment. Hence, oil burning
equipment installations and repairs in Massachusetts are no longer guided by 527 CMR 4.00.
However, portions of 527 CMR 4.00 have been retained by the BFPR and will serve as
amendments to NFPA 31. Those amendments are contained in a new Massachusetts
Comprehensive Fire Code 527 CMR 1.00.

In order to train Oilheat industry personnel on the new state and national codes, MEMA has
teamed with Firedragon Academy to conduct statewide training on the new regulations. The
training sessions begin in February at the Beckett Training Center in Sturbridge and run through
May. A full list of training dates and locations is attached to this news release. Session dates for
Pittsfield will be added soon.

Background on the Code Change
For more than two years, MEMA President Michael Ferrante worked with a team of veteran
Oilheat technicians to help guide the BFPR in adopting NFPA 31 and carve out the actual
portions of 527 CMR 4.00 that accompany NFPA 31. Last August, the BFPR voted to promulgate
the code revisions.

“The new code should result in an improved, more comprehensive fire safety code that uses
consensus standards recognized throughout the nation and portions of the prior code that are
very important for our industry and our technicians,” said MEMA President Michael Ferrante.
“We are very excited to be working with George Lanthier at Firedragon on a series of training
sessions statewide to assist retail business owners, oil burner technicians and fire service
personnel in learning about and transitioning to the new code. George assisted in our efforts to
develop the new code. Plus, he is one of the industry’s best technical educators and is well
respected within our industry and the fire service,” Ferrante said.

MEMA will be using a portion of its National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) training funds to
provide an official copy of the new regulations to all those who attend a MEMA-sponsored
Firedragon Academy training session. “MEMA is most pleased to be able to use its NORA dollars
for this technical training. This represents great added-value to those who attend the training
sessions,” Ferrante said.

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