Low-temp, High-mass Radiant Design by Langan’s Plumbing & Heating LLC

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High-Mass Radiant Hydronic Heating

New construction and high efficiency radiant design are just what the crew  Langan’s Plumbing and Heating LLC of Howell, NJ are geared up for. A recent opportunity to work with Louro Development Group (Spring Lake, NJ) has had lead installer Rich McGrath and crew busy with the design and install of a high efficient radiant hydronic system serving as the sole heating system for the Louro designed single family home.

From start to finish, work on the project spanned approximately four weeks with McGrath, with crew John Langan, Keith Kissel, Matt Baldwin, Jeff Babilya and Seferino Vega saw to it that every detail was considered and installed so the system would not only provide the highest level of comfort to the owners but do so as efficiently as possible.


HTP Versa Hydro high mass combination space heating and domestic water heater. Polypropylene vent piping, water conditioning equipment

The central heat source is an HTP Versa Hydro, a high-mass stainless steel tank-type combination appliance. Langan’s design team chose the Versa Hydro because of its ability to supply domestic hot water and space heating with a built-in buffer.  All 7267 square feet of the home are supplied with a combination of in-slab and above-floor radiant utilizing Uponor oxygen barrier tubing, EP Radiant manifolds and Sunboard Radiant Panels.  The custom designed home presented a handful of design challenges requiring the walls of the main stairway to be used as the heat source rather than adding other alternatives like panel rads or baseboard, the wall installation helped maintain the desired design parameter of using only one temperature for the entire system.

Uponor EP Radiant Manifold, Taco Bumblebee ECM Circulator

Uponor EP Radiant Manifold, Taco Bumblebee ECM Circulator

McGrath and Langan commissioned the system recently; programming and setting controls for low operating temperatures. Design conditions will have the system supply temp [operating on outdoor reset] only as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit but ODR will keep the system humming along at temps closer to 100-110 degrees.  The low temperatures and piping design are the perfect parameters for the Taco Bumblebee circulators to buzz along consuming the absolute least amount of energy while operating in Delta-t mode.


Sunboard Radiant Panel



I’ve only known Rich and John for a little while but I can tell you from my conversations and meetings with them they are passionate about proper design and have dedicated themselves to learning and trying new techniques and applications. Evidence of this can bee seen in each of the photos shared here.



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