Intelligent HVAC

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Commercial HVAC rooftop units are about to move from smart to intelligent with the help of Intel technology. With building owners having integrated smart HVAC technologies into their systems over the last decade, more data has become available, but that data has been underutilized. Daikin Applied (formerly Daikin McQuay) plans to use Intel-based intelligent gateway solution to harness big data by putting that knowledge to work in creating intelligent building systems. These systems intuitively know, and adjust to what building occupants need for comfort and energy efficiency. Daikin Applied is making use of the Internet of Things (IoT) through the integration of an Intel-based intelligent gateway solution in its existing Rebel rooftop units. With the Intel-based intelligent gateway solution, Daikin Applied is able to seamlessly connect Rebel units to the cloud and securely aggregate, filter and share data. This allows Daikin Applied to help people proactively manage the performance of their buildings and makes them aware of HVAC issues before they happen.


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