Ice machine service kit

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From the manufacturers in specialized thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs) for ice machines comes a new innovation for contractors: the Danfoss ice machine service kit. The kit enables contractors to be ready for almost any thermostatic expansion valve repair in the ice machine. Up to 4 hours are saved if the contractor stocks Danfoss ice machine service kits in the truck as this eliminates an extra trip to pick up an OEM replacement part.

Designed to help save time and money, the kit includes:

  • An exchangeable orifice TU valve, type TUA, which can easily replace any OEM specific thermostatic expansion valve
  • A selection of orifice sizes covering ice machines ranging from 75-2300 pounds of ice
  • Elbow connections
  • Bulb strap
  • Insulation tape

Danfoss TU thermostatic expansion valves are the market-leading solution for ice machines with:

  • Bimetal connections for fast and easy brazing with no wet wrap
  • Laser engraved product information for lasting identification of valve type
  • Stainless steel capillary tube and bulb and laser welding for longest lasting valve in the industry
  • Decades of experience working with ice machines ensures optimal bulb charge for fast and precise capacity control
  • Replaceable orifice allows for capacity adaptations with a single valve, and enables access to the screen for cleaning

While OEM-specific replacement parts will always best match OEM design performance, this new service kit helps deliver ice to the end user hours earlier than otherwise possible, and allows the contractor to use the time saved on another job.

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