ICC, MBI Release New Standards for Off-Site Construction

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Standards 1200 and 1205 create consistency for off-site construction processes

Washington, D.C. –The International Code Council and the Modular Building Institute (MBI) have published two new comprehensive standards that will accelerate the off-site construction industry. ICC/MBI 1200-2021 Standard for Off-Site Construction: Planning, Design, Fabrication and Assembly andICC/MBI 1205-2021 Standard for Off-Site Construction: Inspection and Regulatory Compliance are intended to promote consistency around the globe of regulatory requirements for off-site construction processes. As the building industry continues to face multiple challenges including workforce availability, housing affordability, job site safety, building quality and sustainability, the expanded use of off-site construction, often called modular or prefabrication, is one approach that has risen to address these challenges.

“The Code Council family already offers multiple solutions to support the safe and efficient use of off-site construction. However, as we continue seeing a surge in global demand for off-site construction, we knew more guidance would be necessary, to add consistency to a global market” said Dominic Sims, CBO, Chief Executive Officer, International Code Council. “The new standards align perfectly with the Code Council’s mission to ensure building safety. The standards are also part of our commitment to encourage affordability, in this case by lowering the regulatory barriers to trade, that off-site products often face by having to navigate a patchwork of regional regulations.”

ICC/MBI Standard 1200-2021 addresses important facets of the off-site construction process including planning, designing, fabricating, transporting, and assembling commercial and residential building elements. This includes componentized, panelized and modularized elements. ICC/MBI Standard 1205-2021 addresses the inspection, approval and regulatory compliance of off-site residential and commercial construction components, as well as their assembly and completion at the final building site. This includes permitting, in-plant and on-site final inspections, third-party inspections, the role of Industrialized Building Departments, state modular programs and the authority having jurisdiction. The standards do not apply to HUD Manufactured Housing.

The new American National Standards were developed by the Off-site and Modular Construction Standard Consensus Committee (IS-OSMC) under the Code Council’s ANSI Approved Consensus Procedures.

“The Modular Building Institute is proud to announce the completion of Standards 1200 and 1205, in partnership with the Code Council, to support the modular building sector,” said Tom Hardiman, CAE, Executive Director, Modular Building Institute. “The standards are a significant step in providing consistency and helping to further unlock the benefits provided by off-site construction. We look forward to working with the Code Council on the adoption of these standards.”

The Code Council and MBI are continuing their partnership with the future development of additional off-site construction standards including Standard 1210, which will address requirements for mechanical, electrical and plumbing system elements, energy efficiency and water conservation in off-site construction projects.

An educational course on the two standards is in development and will be available by the end of the year. The standards are available for purchase in digital and print versions on the Code Council website.

For more information on the Code Council’s off-site construction activities, visit https://www.iccsafe.org/offsite.