ICC-ES, Beijing Building Materials Testing Academy to Expand Services to Chinese Manufacturers

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ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and Beijing Building Materials Testing Academy (BMT) have signed an Agreement of Strategic Alliance to encourage evaluation of Chinese manufacturers’ building, plumbing, mechanical and fuel-gas (PMG) products to the International Codes and related standards. Chinese manufacturers that work through BMT and obtain ICC-ES evaluation reports or listings will benefit from the long established reputation of ICC-ES standing behind their products, that will help them gain entry in the U.S. construction sector.

BMT is a leading commercial third-party testing laboratory equipped with modern testing equipment and scientific testing methods for more than 100 categories and thousands of products, including building products, PMG, sanitary and hardware products, on a global scale. BMT testing programs are accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

BMT will test products to the requirements of ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria and national standards for code compliance and provide a submittal package to ICC-ES on behalf of their clients for an ICC-ES evaluation report or listing. Once a listing or evaluation report is issued, it will help manufacturers quickly and accurately obtain the proper credentials to market their products in the U.S. ICC-ES and BMT will mutually assist each other with the interpretation of technical data. With this cooperation, code officials can be assured of a product’s compliance to applicable codes and standards when approving these products for installation.

Under the agreement, both ICC-ES and BMT agree to a guaranteed delivery time through a single point of contact from both parties and shared files, allowing for a more efficient processing of the workflow. Customers can expect BMT to complete all documentation required by ICC-ES for an evaluation report or listing, within 30 days following completion of all pertinent test procedures. ICC-ES will complete the initial review of data within 30 days following receipt of a complete submittal package.

For more information on ICC-ES, www.icc-es.org.

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